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UwAmp Install

UwAmp is available in 3 formats, exe, rar et zip.

  • For Zip and Rar format, just uncompress.
  • The Exe is an NSIS installtion with LZMA compression.

  • To Remove UwAmp just remove the folder.

    Update PHP or Apache config manualy

    If you want change configuration directly in file update this files :

  • Config file for apache : bin/apache/conf/httpd_uwamp.conf
  • Config file for PHP : bin/php/php_[*]/php_uwamp.ini
  • Config file for MySQL : database/mysql-*/my_uwamp.ini

  • MySQL Account

  • utilisateur "root"
  • mot de passe "root"

  • Macros

    UwAmp use a macro to create configuration file with good path. You can use macro in all file with "_uwamp" in name.

    Macros list

    Absolute path to Apache : UwAmp\apache

    Absolute path to UwAmp www : UwAmp\www

    Absolute path to selected PHP version : UwAmp\bin\php\php_[CURRENT VERSION]\

    Absolute path to PHP DLL : UwAmp\bin\php\CURRENT PHP IN UWAMP CONTROL\CURRENT apache2.dll

    Absolute path to PHP extention folder : UwAmp\bin\php\php_[CURRENT VERSION]\ext

    Current PHP module name for Apache

    Absolute path to MySQL : UwAmp\database\mysql-[CURRENT VERSION]

    Absolute path to MySQL bin : UwAmp\database\mysql-[CURRENT VERSION]\bin

    Absolute path to MySQL data path : UwAmp\database\mysql-[CURRENT VERSION]\data